Book Publishing Agreement Sample

Book Publishing Agreement Sample

D. For certain types of works (e.g.B. highly sought-after manuals), it may be fair to ask the publisher to agree not to publish a directly competing work itself. D. When third parties revise, limit the chargeback of the fees (fees to the Reverend) to 25-50% of the royalties otherwise due for the first revision and 50-75% for the second revision (no payment to the reviser should be deducted from the amounts due under other agreements). An offer for the cost of publication was made available to the author after reviewing the manuscript. The author accepted the publisher`s cost offer. The publishing house undertakes to accept the book for publication. At the end of this agreement, the publishing house returns to the author all the goods initially provided by the author and the book is displayed as «out of print» in the publisher`s ISBN database.

When the book is POD (Print on Demand), the publishing house will provide a physical copy of the book for verification by the author and send the physical proof via USPS Priority Mail to the author`s address. The author must agree to the printing conditions before the publisher can order a physical proof. The author undertakes to submit a finished manuscript in [manuscript.language], the «manuscript» at the latest [manuscript. DueDate] to the publisher. The manuscript can be sent by registered letter or by e-mail in printed or digital form. In addition, the author provides all works of art, prefaces, references, acknowledgments and other «frontmatter» or «backmatter» on a date to be fixed by the publisher. If, for any reason, the publishing house deems the material provided unreasonable, the author will be granted a time limit (to be set by the publisher) to remedy these deficiencies. If the author fails to remedy deficiencies within the time limit, the publishing house reserves the right to terminate this book publishing contract for an insignificant reason.

If the author does not provide the manuscript or associated material or does not correct the defects in time, the author is obliged to reimburse the advances received to the publisher. B. If no agreement is concluded, the author may terminate (possibly subject to the «first product» – see 2.A). One. Generally applies only to manuals, including manuals; with the exception of textbooks in rapidly changing fields, frequency limit (e.g.B. no more than once every 2-3 years). C. Ideally, by submitting the proposal to the publisher to the publisher and possibly to an example chapter, manuscript not finalized. If more than one person is considered to be the «authors» of the works subject to this Publishing Agreement, each of those persons is responsible for compliance with the terms of this Agreement. If the Author of the Commission considers that the publishing house has not complied or does not comply with the terms of this book publishing contract, the author must inform the publisher in writing and give the publisher a period of at least 90 days to remedy these deficiencies.

If the publisher does not properly address the questions asked by the author, the author has the right to terminate this publishing contract and establish a publishing relationship with another publishing house. . . .

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